AS Hydrodynamics

So you think you understand pressure recovery, eh?  Let me guess…it goes something like this:  “Uhhh…isn’t it something about conversion of potential energy, catheter-based gradients, and aortic size?”  If that’s you, you’re in very good company!  This is a complicated topic, but one the expert echocardiographer should gave a firm grasp on.  Take a look at the following articles as a start.

Garcia – Assessment of aortic valve stenosis severity: A new index based on the energy loss concept.  Circulation, 2000

Abbas – Aortic valve stenosis:  to the gradient and beyond.  J Interv Cardiol 2013

Bahlman – Prognostic value of energy loss index in asymptomatic aortic stenosis.  Circulation 2013


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