Educational Links

Our division is far from the only team putting out excellent echo teaching material.   I sincerely hope that this list grows substantially in the coming years, but for now please check out our awesome stuff as well as the content from…

Favorite Papers

Ultrasound Podcast

– Awesome series of entertaining podcasts from a couple of our friends in Emergency Medicine. Covers all aspects of emergency ultrasound, not just cardiac, and serves as an example of how echo is being taken in new directions by other specialties.  Anesthesiology needs to get on board!

Dr. Oxorn at the University of Washington

– Dr. Oxorn has been putting up high quality interesting echo clips of the month for years, take a look.

University of Toronto PIE Team’s Virtual TEE Site

– Awesome TEE simulator, a growing library of clip questions, and lots more great teaching material (not just echo, by the way.)  Shows what can happen with resources and a good team!

Textbook Thoughts