Question Banks

While learning echo and perioperative ultrasound it is important to look at images as frequently as possible, ideally on a daily basis.  One way to accomplish that is to sign up for my clip of the day.  Another is to roll through these quizzes.  Take the time to look at the commentary for the correct answers, there is useful information contained therein, I promise!

I cannot currently display the questions randomly.  Until I get that fixed, I recommend generating your own spontaneous order by clicking the questions in your favorite sequence (maybe start with just the prime numbers.)  I always love suggestions, comments, and feedback, so feel free to email me at with your thoughts.

(Technical note: Not all internet browsers are created equal when it comes to displaying echo clips.  If you have trouble with the quizzes consider using Google Chrome, which seems to  play them best.

Normal TEE Quiz

Normal TTE Quiz 

Aortic Valve Quiz

Mitral Valve Quiz

Where’s the Lesion?

What’s the EF?

TEE to the Rescue

Lung Ultrasound

Gastric Ultrasound

FoCUS – Normal Anatomy

FoCUS – Hypotension

FoCUS – Dyspnea