Test Your Knowledge!


OK, this picture has nothing much to do with the content of the page, but I love it anyway.  This picture was taken during one of our FoCUS workshops where I got to teach beside my echo mentor (Dan Vezina, on my left.)  In attendance were two other long-time mentors, Dr. Talmage Egan (my current chair, on my right) and Dr. Mike Cahalan (my former chair and father of perioperative echocardiography.)  It’s not often that you get the chance to teach such high-level students.  That was a good day!

This page contains links to some of my Evernote quiz sheets, which will be updated regularly.  If you’re a resident starting your first month of echocardiography training at the University of Utah, this is (some of) the content you’ll be expected to master during your rotation.  For anyone planning to incorporate echocardiography into their practice: you should know this stuff!  Before you ask, I’m not going to send you answers.  The money is in you finding the answers for yourself.  If you need help with some of the questions, feel free to come to me or your local echo expert.

Basic TTE Exam Questions      Basic TEE Exam Questions           Rescue TEE Questions

Aortic Stenosis Questions         Mitral Regurgitation Questions       Aortic Insufficiency Questions

Mitral Stenosis Questions         Systolic Function Questions            Diastology Questions

Endocarditis Questions             Physics Questions                            Lung Ultrasound Questions

Comprehensive TEE Questions

I hope you’re enjoying our excellent lecture series and that these questions were useful.  All our content is provided free of charge and represents a collaboration between the University of Utah’s Division of Perioperative Echocardiography and the echo lab at the George E Wahlen VA Medical Center.  We feel strongly about the value of perioperative ultrasound and know that motivated students already have enough roadblocks.  BUT!!  We need to justify the upkeep of this site to our institution.  If you value this content please let me know, just a quick note from each of you (to joshua.zimmerman@hsc.utah.edu) will help!