Course Content

Our team has organized content for a number of courses – some that we host at the University of Utah and some that we take on the road.  We’ve also organized some content specifically for particular specialties.  There’s nothing here that isn’t somewhere else, so if you find a link that requires a password don’t be alarmed – that just means a particular course CME requires restricted access.  But you can find it elsewhere, I promise!

University of Utah Department of Anesthesiology In-house FoCUS Course

Wake Forest Roadshow Lectures

UNC Roadshow Lectures

University of New Mexico Roadshow Lectures

Utah FoCUS Course for IARS 2018

Utah FoCUS (Cardiac Ultrasound) Course for Perioperative Medicine Summit 2018

Utah Non-cardiac Point of Care Ultrasound for Perioperative Medicine Summit 2018

Utah FoCUS Course for the 61st Annual Anesthesiology Postgraduate Course

Utah PoCUS for Surgery Residents & Faculty

Utah PoCUS for Internal Medicine Residents & Faculty